All Out to Support USW 1005 in Ottawa on May Day

Nancy MacBainNews, Political Action

Free bus to Parliament Hill – May 1st, 2011
Leaves Hamilton at 5:00am – location TBA
Back in Hamilton by midnight
RSVP by noon on April 25th by emailing

McMaster for Steel calls on Hamilton to go all out for Parliament Hill on May Day where USW 1005, workers from across Canada and their allies will rally at 1:00pm on the eve of a federal elections for a new direction for the economy. The entire city is rallying behind this call because it is about the future of Hamilton and Canada. Read below is the call-out from USW 1005 for more information:

Join Local 1005 USW on Parliament Hill on May First! Break New Ground to Defend the Rights of All! We invite everyone to join us on May First on Parliament Hill to put forward the demands of workers in all sectors of the economy in defense of the rights of all. This is also an occasion to express support for our fellow workers in the United States, Mexico and the world over who are also being made to pay so as to permit an ever smaller number of monopolists to grow even richer.

The present direction of the economy has been proven to impose insecurity, wrecking of manufacturing, stepped up sell-out of our resources and public assets, privatization of social programs, abandonment of social responsibilities and the shifting of economic problems onto the backs of the actual producers, seniors and youth. Along with this, political power is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands and the PMO. Canadians exercise no control whatsoever over the decisions which affect their lives.

Let’s together call on whatever party or parties form the next government to change the direction for the economy and uphold public right, not the so-called rights of the monopolies to make their big score at the expense of our resources, our manufacturing, our public assets such as Canada Post, our public sector workers, industrial and service workers, seniors and youth.

Let us together break new ground to defend the rights of all! Join with us in Ottawa on May First to say Enough Is Enough! Concessions Are Not Solutions! Manufacturing Yes, Nation-Wrecking No! Uphold Public Right, Not Monopoly Right!

Everyone bring your own banners and slogans! Stand as one in favour of resolving the crisis in a manner which favours the many, not the few!