Mac’s Priorities Need to be Changed

Nancy MacBainNews

An opinion piece from The Silhouette by Blake McCall

There is something rotten at McMaster University. For those of you who are not counting I think it is important to take note of what has been happing for the last 18 months on this campus.

September 2009: CAW local 555 representing administrators all across campus nearly go on strike as the University tries to claw back hard fought for pensions and job security.

November 2009: CUPE local 3906 goes on strike as the university refuses to address benefit shortfalls, job security, and quality of education such as classroom maximums.

March 2010: McMaster Sunshine list is released showing that despite the university’s cries of poverty they still managed to give wage increase and bonuses to the top level administrators.

May 2010: the board of governors again increase tuition to the legal maximum four per cent.

July 2010: President Peter George finally retires to the lovely Pension of $99,999 per year for the next 15 years.

October 2010: SEIU Facility Services very nearly went out on strike after the administration tries to take wage, benefit, and job security provisions from some of the most marginalized employees on campus.

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