For those who opted out of the GSA Dental Plan

Nancy MacBainNews

Dear New Unit 1 Members:It has come to our attention that some new CUPE 3906 members did not receive clear information about which dental plan they qualified for during the September 2010 opt out period.  As a result, some new members opted out of the GSA plan in error. We are thus extending the opportunity to members who meet the following criteria to opt out of the CUPE dental plan for until January 11, 2011:

  1. You became a CUPE 3906 member for the first time in September 2010
  2. You have a TAship or RAship in lieu of 130 hours or more in the 2010-11 academic year (in other words: you qualify for the CUPE plan, not the GSA plan)
  3. You opted out of the GSA dental plan in error
If you would fit the above criteria and would like to opt out of the CUPE dental plan, you will need to provide CUPE with the following information by January 12, 2011:
  1. A completed opt out form (available on the CUPE website or in the CUPE office)
  2. Appropriate proof of alternate dental coverage. Please note our requirements differ from the GSA’s requirements.  You must provide a document from your insurance company  which clearly shows that you yourself are entitled to benefits. The document must have your actual name on it, not your parent’s or spouse’s name. Insurance cards, claims histories, schedules of benefits and letters from the insurance company have been used as proof of coverage in the past.
  3. Proof that you became a new member this September. Such proof might include a copy of your letter of acceptance or a letter from your department.
  4. The email confirmation generated when you opted out of the GSA dental plan (or other proof that you opted out of the GSA plan).
Opt out forms and accompanying documentation should be submitted to the CUPE 3906 office in the basement of Wentworth Hall by January 11, 2011 at noon. Please use the drop box if the office is not open.
Late application will not be accepted. There will be no exceptions. You may want to make a copy of your opt out form and documentation for your own records.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility for this opt out or the history of this issue.
Rebecca Strung
Benefits & Advocacy Officer