Canada Out of Afghanistan

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A panel on the role Canada has played in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. We will bring to light topics such as Omar Khadr, detainee abuse and the recent Wikileaks scandal. We as Canadian students need to demand that our government base its foreign policy on respect for international law, peace, and justice. We invite all who are interested in coming to listen to our speakers and involve themselves in the discussions.

Yves Engler: is the author of The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy, amongst others.
Rick Salutin: is a playwright, novelist and regular columnist for the Globe and Mail.
Dave McKee: is the president of the Canadian Peace Congress.

When: September 30th 2010, 7 PM
Where: Health Science Centre (HSC) room 1A6, McMaster University

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Endorsed by: Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, McMaster Gandhi Peace Festival, Solidarity House, and others.