Apr 152014

EI Seminar: We are holding an Employment Insurance Seminar for Sessional Faculty (Lunch Will be Provided!!!)

·         When: April 29 from 1-2:30

·         Where: McMaster University Student Centre Room 313

·         What: We at 3906 know and Understand that the Summer Months can be sparse for work in the life of a Sessional Faculty.  Many Sessional Faculty may be eligible to At this Seminar we will be go over:

                                 i.      Who is Eligible for EI,

                               ii.      How to Apply,

                              iii.      What the Appeals Procedure looks like if your claim is denied,

                             iv.      What to Expect when you are on Employment Insurance Benefits.

We hope to see you there!

Apr 152014

As a member of Unit 2 (Sessional Faculty) you are covered by the Employer’s “Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200) Form” policy for the purposes of claiming home office and travel expenses, where appropriate, when filing tax returns.

You should contact the Dean of your Faculty to receive your form.

If you need any help, or feel you should be eligible  for a T2200 but were denied please contact your Union at staff@cupe3906.org



Apr 102014
Dear Members
We have received many nominations.  Our TA awards committee has reviewed submissions according to a careful set of criteria.
The winners are,
Beverlee Buzon (Health Sciences)
Rashin Alizadeh (Social Sciences)
Ray Ng (Science)
Alicia Giansante (Humanities)
Brandon Karchewski (Engineering)
Stephen Gagne  (Business)
Many congratulations to our TA awards winners.
CUPE 3906
Apr 072014

Please join us this Thursday, April 10th, at Liauna Station  in downtown Hamilton for this very important all unions/all locals meeting regarding Ontario Conservative Party leader Tim Hudak’s propsed regressive attacks on your rights that will set back the clock on wages, representation and health and safety!

For more information, or to RSVP, please visit:




All members are welcome!