Jul 312014
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Dear Unit 1 Members,

Please see the latest correspondence from your President, Rebecca, regarding the impact of the upcoming MOSAIC payroll changes:


*NEW* To determine how your dental premiums will be deducted from your earnings, please visit http://cupe3906.org/dental2014

*NEW* For the CUPE 3906 ADMINISTRATOR’S MOSAIC LUNCHEON presentation please visit http://cupe3906.org/dental2014

*NEW* Also, check out our new flyer here: Unit 1 Benefits Booklet Insert Sept 2014

Past correspondence and ongoing updates on this topic can also be viewed at http://cupe3906.org/dental2014


Jul 292014

What’s not to love about free chocolate bars in the middle of a work day? 

What bars? Snickers, Mars, Kit Kat and other popular ones


When: Wednesday August 6th, from 10 am-1 pm

Where: Your building of course! We know you will be working (or at least trying to work ;) ) at that time

We will start at 10 am and move from building to building. Please join the Facebook event to get real-time updates on when we will be at your building


See you all on Wednesday!

Equity Action Committee, CUPE 3906

Jul 282014

As you may know, McMaster University is phasing in a new payroll system, MOSAIC, as part of a broader “human capital” management system called “PeopleSoft.”

The separation of employment pay (e.g., TA and RA pay) from academic funding (e.g., scholarships, loans, etc.) is one of the most significant impacts of this change for Graduate Students.  The School of Graduate Studies will no longer collect eligible Unit 1 (TA and RA in lieu) member dental premium deductions from academic funding.

For the most recent updates on the dental benefits coverage and premium changes for 2014-2015, please click here.

Please see our most recent communique regarding these changes here.

We will continue to make information available to our members regarding these changes and their impact on dental benefit premium deductions as information arises.


Jun 162014

Dear Members,

CUPE 3906 is having a General Membership Meeting on June 26!

When: Thursday, June 26th, 5:30pm.  Pizza will be there at 5:00.

Where: KTH B104 (near the CUPE office!).

The Agenda is as follows:

Call to Order


  • Update on Mosaic Changes to Payroll impacting Unit 1 (Question and Answer Period)


  • Vice President External
  • Delegate to Coalition of Graduate Student Employees Conference (2 positions to be elected)

Arising from Last Meeting

  • Solidarity Pact for the OUWCC
  • Motion for the Stand Up for Fairness Forum
  • Send letter congratulating newly elected CLC President

New Business

  • Motion: Creation of a Book off position for the fall
  • To Fund an Administrators Lunch for Payroll Changes

We hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel free to direct them to the vicepresident@cupe3906.org.

CUPE 3906 will also reimburse any childcare expenses need to attend the meeting. For more details please contact staff@cupe3906.org.


Jun 102014

Retirement security is a growing, Canada-wide problem. Over 11 million Canadian workers are without workplace pension plans. Study after study shows that Canadian workers can’t afford to save enough for retirement. Unless things change, baby boomers and future generations are facing serious declines in living standards upon retirement.

All Canadians deserve to retire with dignity. A gradual and modest expansion of the Canada Pension Plan is the best way to ensure retirement security for Canadians.

We are at a critical moment in the campaign to increase CPP benefits. Polling shows that most Canadians support CPP expansion.

Please join us and tell Canada’s Finance Ministers to:

1) Support the Canadian Labour Congress’s proposal to double Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits to ensure a better minimum pension for all Canadians. The CPP replacement rate would double from 25 per cent to 50 per cent, which would push maximum payments to $24,000 per year and average payments to $12,600 per year.

2) Ask the federal government not to stand in the way of the provisions of the Canada Pension Plan legislation, which states that 2/3 of the provinces representing 2/3 of the Canadian population can approve amendments to the plan.

3) Refuse any delay or limits on when improvements will come into effect or who will have access to improved CPP.

Please refer to this link for more information.