Previous Minutes (October 2021)- GMM Minutes 7th October 2021

November 2021 GMM Agenda- November 2021 GMM Agenda

Land Acknowledgement and Equity Statement

Executive Reports

Sharoni Mitra – President –

Fernando Lennertz – Vice President –

Leah McGrath-Reynolds – VP External- VP External and Prisoner Solidarity Report

Chris Fairweather – Secretary Treasurer –

Trustee’s Report and Treasurer’s Response- Treasurer’s Response 2020-2021 Trustees’ Report and Recommendations 2020-2021

Kyle Morrison – Benefits and Advocacy Officer – Benefits Officer Report GMM November 2021

Sarah Elshahat – International Officer – International Officers Report

Carolyn Capretta- Unit 2 Chief Steward- November 2021 GMM Update for Unit 2

Kezhuan Gu- Unit 3 Chief Steward- Sept-Oct GMM Report-Kezhuan Gu

Committee Reports:

Prison Worker Solidarity Working Group (see VP External Report above)


Six Nations Robotics STEM video-