As per the local’s bylaws,

The Trustees shall:
(i) Act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members and audit the books and accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, and the committees at least once every calendar year.
(ii) Make a written report of their findings to the first membership meeting following the completion of each audit.
(iii) Submit in writing to the President and Secretary-Treasurer any recommendations and/or concerns they feel should be reviewed in order to ensure that the Local Union’s funds, records, and accounts are being maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer.
(iv) Send to the National Secretary-Treasurer, with a copy of the assigned Servicing Representative, the following documents:
1. Completed Trustee Audit Program
2. Completed Trustees’ Report
3. Secretary-Treasurer Report to the Trustees
4. Recommendations made to the President and Secretary Treasurer of the Local Union
5. Secretary-Treasurer’s response to recommendations
6. Concerns that have not been addressed by the Local Union Executive Board

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