As per the local’s bylaws,

i. Address equity issues and issues of discrimination in our workplace, our union and beyond.
ii. Chair the Equity Action Committee.
iii. Participate in other committees as appropriate.
iv. Promote activism around issues of equality and human rights.
v. Work with the Local Executive to confront oppressive policies, practices and behaviours within the Local.

The equity officer shall also be a member of an equity seeking group as described below:

Appendix C: Regarding Equity Seeking Groups
For the purposes of these by-laws, the term “Equity Seeking Groups” includes, but is not limited to, people discriminated against on the basis of age; race; creed; colour; place of origin; ethnic origin; citizenship; immigration status; ancestry; native language; Indigenous identification (which includes First Nations; Metis; and Inuit and all other Indigenous people whose status and sovereignty rights are not recognized by the Canadian government); religious affiliation; beliefs, or activities; sex; gender; sexual preference or orientation; trans-gender or trans-sexual status or orientation; marital status; family status; class; record or offenses except where it relates to bona-fide qualification because of the nature of employment; Health Status; visible and non-visible disabilities; size or any other feature characteristic or orientation which suffers from social prejudice.

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