As per the local’s bylaws,

The CHIEF STEWARDS of Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 shall
i. Coordinate departmental stewards.
ii. Convene and chair at least one Stewards’ Council meeting each academic term for their respective Unit.
iii. Act as a liaison between the stewards and the Executive, ensuring that the views of departments and respective units are passed on to the Executive Committee and convey Executive Committee decisions to the stewards.
iv. Ensure that each department is represented by at least one steward from each unit, and where this is not possible shall act as steward for that department/unit.
v. Oversee the Grievance Committee together with the other Chief Stewards.
vi. Following the organization of the Stewards’ Network, compile and forward to the Recording Secretary a list indicating every steward’s name, department, faculty, and contact number(s).
vii. Promote, along with the Health and Safety Officer, awareness of health and safety issues that pertain to members of the Local.
viii. Participate in any committee she/he deems relevant to these issues.
ix. Work closely with Local staff representatives to file grievances, represent members in grievances, discuss grievances with the employer and
x. Make sure that all interests of their unit are represented at the Executive level
xi. Chief Steward of Unit 1 will be responsible for the organization and execution of the local’s presence at TA day (both in September and January).
xii. In the event of affiliation, the Chief Steward of Unit 2 will represent the local at all conferences of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.
xiii. The Chief Steward must also be a member of the Unit which they are elected to represent.

If you have questions about this position, please contact staff at