Dear CUPE 3906 members,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as the “benefits and advocacy officer” for the last few years.  I am humbled and honoured to serve my fellow members at CUPE 3906.  I would like to self-nominate myself once again for the “benefits and advocacy officer” portfolio. During the last few years, I was able to support you in many different ways, I would like to highlight a few of those critical milestones we achieved together:

  1.     Enhancement of Professional Development Funds: For all U2 and U3 members, I had the honour to bring your applications to our benefits committee’s attention. I also responded to your e-mails as you had questions/ concerns and follow-up questions. After the U3 bargaining concluded recently, I ensured you had increase allocation to your professional development funds along with the expansion of how you can spend this money. For U2 members, I also ensured you have ongoing access to your professional development funds and I made every effort to get you answers in a timely manner or direct you to individuals who can answer your relevant question.
  2.      Enhancement of Health Care Spending Account:After the U1 and U3 bargaining, I ensured you have access to increased allocation of the funds after the ratification of the collective bargaining agreement. I ensured that you have access to this fund as quickly as possible so I can help alleviate some of the financial pressures.
  3.    Achievements in Bargaining and Negotiations: During U3 and U2 bargaining, I was honoured to represent you as a Bargaining Chair in order to ensure I can voice “our collective” opinion and concerns to enhance the benefits you deserve. I am happy to say that for U3 members, we had huge success with increased benefits along with increased allocation to the U3 Support Fund for emergency purposes. I am doing my best to ensure U2 will get a great deal after the current round of bargaining.

Under the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, I ensured that I would accept your applications via e-mail. I receive over 30 e-mails daily and I always ensure to answer your questions as quickly as possible.  After the lockdown in March, we received over 50+ applications. I ensured that with the support of our benefits committee that we will make timely decisions for your applications. I am happy to announce that we were able to issue the cheques to help alleviate some of the financial stress that our members are going through.

Finally, I am truly thankful to each and every one of you for your support and understanding. I continue to seek your support and request you to “vote for me” for the benefits and advocacy portfolio so that the progress we have made will continue on.

Best regards,

Zobia Jawed