Hi there! My name is Sharoni Mitra and I am a Master’s student in Labour Studies. I’m thankful to say my involvement with 3906 has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my time in graduate school thus far and I’m highly motivated to further contribute to the Local.

As VP External, I want to expand our membership engagement and strengthen our union in a number of ways. This would include working to deepen our Stewardship network across all departments and creating new avenues for our members to express their diverse interests and have concerns addressed. As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, I will especially prioritize advocating for healthy and safe working conditions alongside protecting our rights and well-being as international and domestic workers, students, and researchers at McMaster.

Additionally, I want to seize opportunities to build student-worker coalitions across McMaster and the Hamilton community more widely. I will also keep our Local directly involved and working in solidarity with a broader movement of academic workers and graduate student organizing at the provincial and federal levels. I believe these points are imperative to building our strength as a union and facing important challenges in these difficult times.

Lastly, I would be excited to apply my knowledge as a student of Labour Studies and my adept skills in communication, organization, and relationship-building to this role. My previous experience in 3906 has included being part of the Strike Committee and writing Strike Policy earlier this year and currently serving as a co-chair for the Political Action Committee, a steward for Labour Studies, and a member of our Organizing Committee. Outside of McMaster, I am the recording secretary for the Hamilton District Labour Council’s Young Workers group which offers a very helpful connection to the labour movement that I would leverage as VP External. I would be honoured to serve our membership this year and welcome the opportunity to do so. Thank you!

In Solidarity,
Sharoni Mitra