Greetings CUPE members! I am Sabah Haq, and I nominate myself for the CUPE 3906 Health and Safety Officer position. I have completed my bachelor of medicine and surgery from Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. Following this I came to Canada as an MSc student at Queen’s University in biomedical and molecular sciences, which I completed in 2017. I am currently a 3rd year PhD student here at McMaster University in the medical sciences graduate program.


Since my background is in medical sciences, the importance of health and safety has always been impressed upon me. During my Masters’, I completed the health and safety courses as well as WHMIS both online and by taking in-person classes. Through taking these courses, I learnt about the history, principle, rationale, strategies and goals of establishing and maintaining health and safety in the workplace. My ongoing graduate program training at McMaster, has further reinforced my knowledge, attitude and skills in health and safety. These courses and training have enabled me to maintain up-to-date health and safety practices in the lab and in the central animal facility. As a senior PhD student, I have also conducted and helped our laboratory technician in training the new members of our lab in biosafety. In addition, I have been involved in reviewing and preparing our lab for the annual biosafety lab audit performed for the continual improvement of the quality of our lab working environment.


During my graduate studies, I have always worked as a teaching assistant (TA) for undergraduate students. Among my many responsibilities as a TA, one of my fundamental duties was to ensure the health and safety of my students by being available as a resource person and by preventing hazardous practices in the classroom.


I have also been trained in healthy and safe practices while working as a community assistant with the community housing department at Queen’s University. One of my main roles as a community assistant was to monitor and report to the office staff the safety practices and conditions of An Clachan Queen’s community housing for students.


I am very confident, that my previous occupational and community heath and safety training and work experience makes me an ideal candidate for the health and safety officer position at CUPE 3906. If I am elected for the position, I plan to protect the health and safety of all the CUPE 3906 members as well as review and maintain the relevant Collective Agreement clauses. I also plan to work closely with the university Central Occupational Health and Safety Committee to ensure proper and safe practices across campus.


Thank you,

Sabah Haq


PhD Candidate

Medical Sciences Graduate Program

McMaster University