Hello CUPE 3906 members,

I am Rohit Gupta, a 2nd year Ph.D. student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who is running for the Recording Secretary’s position. During the past year, I have been working as the Steward of the Mechanical Engineering department. Various issues of the departmental TAs and RAs in lieu were brought to the frontline by me and was furthermore acted upon in collaboration with the executive committee. Fundamentally, the role bolstered the qualities of working as a mediator between the union and the department.

Some of my other roles @Mac were mostly related to the McMaster Innovation Park. I served in the chief organizing committee of Canada’s biggest data center focused conference, the Great Canadian Data Center Symposiumin 2019. The role strengthened my quality of acting as a Liaison and also buttressed my leadership skills, budgeting, and fund acquisition from sponsors. Building upon these qualities, I would like to utilize them to benefit the student union and my colleagues.

In my opinion, there are several issues that the CUPE 3906 should focus such as, 1) tuition fee adjustment during COVID-19 pandemic for grad students, 2) tackling the implications of Bill 124 towards the fate of U1, U2, and U3 members, 3) contract negotiations for U2 and U3 members, and 4) funding assurance for the U1 member who is undergoing a year of extension in their grad studies. Keeping in mind the implications of the COVID pandemic, these issues will further escalate, and the students’ fate, especially the international graduate students, will be uncertain due to their ineligibility towards CERB and SERB.

Given the opportunity, it will be an honor to serve as the Recording Secretary, together with the executive officers, chief stewards, and departmental stewards to resolve and handle the unprecedented situation. I seek the support of you all towards my candidacy so that together we can set an agenda to interrupt, address, and highlight systems of inequality and power that exist within our employer.



In solidarity,


Rohit Gupta

Teaching assistant and doctoral researcher

Department of Mechanical Engineering