My name is Reza Heydarian. I nominated myself for the position of Unit3 Chief Steward. To briefly introduce myself, I am a postdoc in the department of Electrical and computer Engineering. I received my PhD from the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, McMaster University. After a postdoctoral at Western University and teaching experience, I have started my postdoctoral at McMaster since January 2020. From then, I have been participating all CUPE meeting, including the Chief Stewards meetings as a gust member to find out the procedure of works at the CUPE. I also was assigned as the steward for my department since February 2020. If elected, I will make sure that every department has its own steward and for all new members, joining McMaster, have contacted to be helped with the starting procedures as well as knowing their benefits as a member of CUPE. I will reach as many of our members as possible to grow our steward network. Beyond the defined responsibilities, I will work on extending communication between departments for helping members with their interdisciplinary projects as well as finding new ideas of working on interdisciplinary projects. I hope you support me for providing services to our members.

All the Best,

Reza Heydarian