Dear fellow TAs,

My motivation towards running again for Chief Steward TAs/Unit-1is because of some good initiatives that I have personally started last year are showing results now and will certainly make the life of TAs better at MAC. Being involved with CUPE since 2018 in various capacities developed me in handling various concerns of our TAs like a respectful pay hike, better working conditions, our rights and interests etc. We deserve a better pay because as TAs we provide a quality education to undergrads and as graduate students contribute to path breaking research both of which makes MAC a world ranking institution.

One of the imperative contributions which I made last year as Chief Steward was to construct an effective steward council representing thirty-three departments from six different faculties. Our current stewards are playing a great leadership role within their departments by protecting the rights and interest of TAs.  Secondly, I was able to launch TA work hour tracker an online tool with the help of CUPE National and local executives and staff because of which our TAs can track their hours and can claim for extra pay if exceeding their designated work hours. Thirdly, I organized various social events like Fall-2019 TA dinner in last December and quiz night in February 2020 which were successful in de-stressing our TAs by providing them a public platform to interact with others.

Since the last two months I am trying hard for all TAs to receive additional financial support from the employer as due to this unparalleled situation because of COVID-19 all TAs are facing tough times because of increased housing rents, price hike of essentials as well as rising inflation.

I want to make sure if elected back I will try my best so that all these issues are resolved no later than sooner. Due to COVID-19 we have a difficult time but I am sure it will lead us to a beautiful future. I personally believe that together as a team and with the support of our TAs we have a chance to do something extraordinary in the upcoming academic year. As we head out of this pandemic we can get back to a better life. Create a world of love, companionship and supporting each other. I am hopeful to make MAC a better place for all TAs. We are a family together no matter of what class, race, sexual orientation, what religion or what is our background. I am hoping to have your trust and support in my candidacy for Chief Steward TAs/Unit-1. Let’s make a better MAC together for our TAs.


In Solidarity


PhD Candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.