My name is Mollie McGuire and I am a PhD candidate in Sociology. I started working for CUPE 3906 as a Steward in 2016 and became co-Chair of the Political Action Committee in 2018. Last August, I had the honour of being elected Vice President. I would now like to re-offer for this position. I have highlighted some of the work that demonstrates my commitment to the Local and our values in the paragraphs below, though I should note that this was all done as I fulfilled the VP’s more routine responsibilities as well. Said responsibilities have afforded me valuable experience communicating to the membership through specific online platforms, supporting the President and our members on grievances, dealing with Employee-Labour Relations, chairing the Bylaws Committee, and sitting on others such as the Finance and Benefits Committees.

Having sat on the Unit 1 Bargaining Team, I am no stranger to the hard work required to secure a fair deal for our members. As Communications Chair, I drafted and sent the bulk of bargaining-related updates to members and created campaigns such as “Pets for CUPE 3906.” Not only were we successful in fighting off all concessions in bargaining, we also made several significant gains. More recently, I have been supporting the Unit 2 Bargaining Team. If I am re-elected, I will look forward to working with this committee on a communications strategy that speaks to sessional faculty in particular.

I was also heavily involved in rolling out the Local’s first-ever Gender Affirmation Fund, won through the abovementioned round of Unit 1 bargaining. While COVID-19 has prevented us from striking a standing committee of Two Spirit, trans, and nonbinary members to oversee this fund as of yet, this will be high on my list of priorities should we return to campus while I am Vice President.

One of the main responsibilities of the Vice President is to build and maintain relationships with the labour movement and grassroots activists. This past year, I organized contingents of members to picket in solidarity with Ontario’s education workers, attended several protests in solidarity with groups such as the Wet’suwet’en Yintah, and mobilized the membership to approve a $3000 donation to the Unist’ot’en Camp Legal Defence Fund. I also helped revamp the Local’s Indigenous Solidarity Working Group in a way that prioritizes Indigenous leadership and now administers Community Impact Grants of up to $500 to grassroots Indigenous organizers. Over the past several months, I have provided administrative support to the (now Indigenous-led) ISWG which, as testament to our new Chair and their community ties, is now more active than ever.

In the highly uncertain times of COVID-19, it is essential that we elect an Executive Committee with the experience and passion needed to fight – and win – for our members. Serving as Vice President of CUPE 3906 has been a high point of my time at McMaster. It would be my honour if you would allow me to continue representing the Local in this role.

In solidarity,

Mollie McGuire