Dear members,

I am Avijit Mallick, a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Department of Biology from Bangladesh. Many of you may have known and interacted with me in the role of the international officer for the local. I have served the locals for the last two consecutive years. Over the two years, I have been part of several committees for the CUPE3906, specifically the bargaining and benefits committee. In the role as an international officer, I have launched several new programs to engage the international community that includes the winter photo contest (now also followed by IGSA), tax clinic with IGSA, international music night, orientation program every semester and a sports club named ‘CUPE3906 cricket club’.

I have also been a leader in community health welfare during my school studies. I served as a Vice-President at Sunshine Community Clinic, in Bangladesh, initiated by Senior School students which focused on helping underprivileged children in our city receive basic medications and hygiene lifestyle awareness. As a part of the organization, my job was to raise funds for the program and to coordinate the campaign every weekend. The success of Community Clinic captured the media attention, which helped in further raising resources and donations. Additionally, I was among the group of students that started an organization named Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC), with funding from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The goal of the organization was to nurture the leadership potential of young individuals and produce future leaders of the nation. While doing my undergraduate studies, I founded a club, Bhakti Yoga, which promoted spiritualism and gave free food to students once a week. This program was funded by the students and the faculty, with a $1 membership that soon enough ended up with over 1500 members. That was a notable example of the micro-economy and was soon followed by other clubs in the University of Melbourne.

Moreover, I worked as a project assistant in the ‘Green Impact’ project and as a student ambassador (Communication Assistant) during my master’s degree at the University of the West of Scotland. In this role, I helped prospective students with their admission procedures and went to several different schools and colleges around Scotland increasing the awareness of science education among the future generation. That program saw a significant increase in the enrolment of science students at the university, especially in life sciences. Owing to my contributions to the program, I won a Bronze Award certificate from the university. Previously, I also worked as the Vice-President (internal) and as a board of director of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) at McMaster University.

Finally, I am here again to ask you to vote for me. It is your kind support that can bring me back to the office once again as an International officer. If I am successful, I want to prioritize the Cricket club activity (most probable virtually) which was mostly dormant due to the COVID-19 situation. Please VOTE for me and allow me to serve you all.