Hi CUPE 3906 members,

 My name is Arghyadeep Sarkar. I have been working in CUPE 3906 executive team as a health and safety officer for the past 1 year. First of all, I want to thank all our members for supporting me immensely in this role. I intend to run again for this position with your strong support. My association with CUPE goes back to 2018 when I was part of the bargaining support team. I am a Unit I member and also a PhD student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

As a health and safety officer, I have completed a mandatory 30-hour health and safety training as a part of my portfolio. This course is approved by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD), Ontario. This certification is essential to take part in any Joint and Health Safety Committee (JHSC) for institutions in Ontario. Also, I have completed CUPE Ontario Spring School’s Health and Safety Learning Series 1. I am currently part of the Central Joint Health & Safety Committee (CJHSC) of the McMaster University which sets out standard health and safety protocols at the workplace. Some of the highlights of these CJHSC meetings include incident report monitoring, student wellness update, health, and safety policy making (RMM 100), etc. We have been able to review and resolve different issues that many of our members face and file grievances on the behalf of the membership in case of any discrepancy with the employer. I intend to protect the health and safety rights of our dedicated CUPE 3906 members without any compromise.

During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, my job has become even more important. In addition to strict social distancing protocols, many of the members have strong mental and emotional issues. Some of them may feel neglected. I am taking the lead to address many of these psychological issues for our members by organizing mental health webinars along with the Steward network in the upcoming months to raise strong awareness. We will try to bring in a professional health expert and look at each of these issues very closely. Based on the success of these webinars, we would organize more health events to engage more members over the next 1 year. This will be my future planning for the year ahead. I am also looking forward to hearing about other specific health issues from our members as well. As research labs are opening soon, me and CUPE 3906 are fighting together to ensure proper working conditions are delivered for all our members. Do not worry, CUPE 3906 is with you.

Finally, I am extremely privileged and thankful to get your support so far, and I hope that if I get re-elected again for the 2nd time, I will continue to fight to make sure all of our members are safe and working properly without facing any major difficulty.


In Solidarity,

Arghyadeep Sarkar