Health Spending Account


Unit 2 members (Sessional Faculty and Sessional Music Faculty) have access to the Health Spending Account (HSA). The Health Spending Account (HSA) enables members to claim a wide range of health-related expenses (including medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and vision care expenses).

Click here for a full list of HSA eligible expenses available from Revenue Canada

To file a claim, fill out the form, attach original receipts and mail the form to address provided.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Health Spending Account entitlement has been raised to $500 per year on a trial basis only. This amount may be adjusted in the future if claims activity is higher or lower than expected. The membership will be notified of any such changes.

Update December, 2013: We are currently working on the administrative aspects of increasing the Unit 2 HCSA to $500 per academic year (including up to $100 in childcare rebates and up to $100 in UHIP rebates).  As a result, you may receive your benefit in two installments.  We apologize for delays as we work to update our coverage forms with our carrier.

CLICK HERE to access the claim form. (This form is a PDF that can be filled out on your computer. You will need to print out the completed version and sign it before submitting the claim) NOTE: Claims must be submitted within 60 days of incurring the expense.


I have alternate health insurance. Can I use both my CUPE HSA and my alternate insurance for the same health-related expenses? Yes, you can use both benefits. Where possible, submit the claim to your alternate insurer first. If your alternate insurance does not cover the entire cost of the claim, you can then make a CUPE 3906 Unit 2 HSA claim for the remainder of the cost (to a maximum of $500). Instead of the receipt, you should attach the explanation of benefits you received from the other insurer in the mail. (If no claim was paid out from your other insurer, you will still an explanation of benefits stating that the claim was denied.) Again, that functions as a receipt when you make the CUPE 3906 claim. If you are unable to use your alternate insurance first you can reverse the procedure described above and make a vision care claim first. However, since explanations of benefits are not standard issue with this type of benefit, you must email to request that one be produced when you make your claim.